Q. Are there any fees payable to the Tahitian Village Property Owners Association?
There are no longer any annual dues payable, however TVPOA does charge a fee each time a property changes
ownership, either by sale or transfer.  There is also, a Resale Certificate fee when applicable.  You can request  a
current list of fees by contacting the POA office at 512.321.1145 or info@tahitianvillage.com

Q: Do you have a list of Real Estate Agents in the area?
A: Please visit the Bastrop County Board of Realtors® website at: www.bcbor.org

Q. How do I get to Tahitian Village?
A. Tahitian Village is located in Bastrop, TX, about 30 miles east of Austin. The entrance is at the intersection of
Highway 71 and Loop 150.

Q: Is an area map available?
A: Yes! The Water District Office has maps of Tahitian Village. Just ask for one at the front desk. The Water District
Office is located at 106 Conference Drive. Or, find maps online

Q. I'm interested in buying a house and few lots in TV. Can you please tell me how many lots in total do you
have in TV and, of those, what percentage have homes?
A. We have 7,000 lots in Tahitian Village. There have been approximately 1,100 homes built in our subdivision.

Q: We are considering moving to Tahitian Village. What are the homeowner’s fees?
A: Currently, there are no homeowner’s fees; however, the Water District charges $84 per lot per year for road

Q. Who owns the tennis courts in Tahitian Village, and what are the dues you have to pay to play?
A. John White owns the courts. Call 512.321.4123 for more information.

Q. Do you rent out a hall to have a wedding or do you have a place that one can be held?
A. The water district has a room available to rent. Call 512.321.1688.

Q. How can I obtain a restrictions deed for Tahitian Village? I am interested in buying land there but need to
know this first.
A. Get Deed Restrictions HERE.

Q. Are there outdoor burning guidelines or restrictions? Like campfire / outdoor fireplace.
A. Yes there are burning guidelines; Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has burning restrictions as does
the Bastrop County Health and Sanitation. Please check with the Fire Department before burning anything to
ensure that their is no burn ban and we ask also that you contact the TVPOA office to inform them that you are
planning on burning so that if calls are received from other residents there are not any concerns.

Q: Are fireworks such as fountains, fire crackers and other small fireworks that stay on the ground allowed in
TV as long as we are not under a burn ban?
A: Although the current deed restrictions do not address fireworks, it is very dangerous to use fireworks in
Tahitian Village. When the deed restrictions are updated this item will be addressed.

Q: I was under the impression homes require two lots here in Tahitian to allow for the septic system. Is this
A: There was a time when the Health & Sanitation Department required two lots if there was a septic system being
installed. This was rescinded back to one lot if suitable soil is available to facilitate the septic system as
determined by the Bastrop County Health & Sanitation Dept. In Units 1, 2 & 4, sewer is available, but Units 3 & 5
are still septic only.

Q. Is there any access to the Colorado River in Tahitian where you can go and walk along the river or fish off the
A. The Pines and Prairies Land Trust has opened a park area on the river with hiking trails.

Q. Who do we contact for a new street sign? Ours first was damaged and then stolen.
A. Call the Bastrop County Sign Shop at 512.549.5169.

Q. When does the Tahitian Village Property Owner’s Association (TVPOA) meet?
A. We meet every third Tuesday at 7:00 pm in the Water District Building. Please join us!
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